Thursday, April 11, 2013

Merritt Baby IVF Fundraiser!

So I have been out of the blogging world for a while since my little Annabelle, now 21 months old has been keeping me on my toes and when I used to blog at midnight, I am now crashed in bed.  

I wanted to update friends and family on an upcoming event we are putting on in efforts to help raise money for us to go through the in vitro procedure (IVF) and hopefully get another baby or two if we are lucky! :) 
Most of you know that we have struggled with infertility since Brandon and I have been married. It took us 5 1/2 years of "trying" before we were blessed to get pregnant with Annabelle after multiple attempts at artificial insemination (a procedure much cheaper than in vitro) and then saving up for IVF, we were incredibly blessed to be successful on our first attempt. Brandon and I always wanted to have more kids and don't want to feel greedy. In fact we feel so blessed we have at least one beautiful, amazing little girl.
After multiple attempts again at artificial insemination and then another attempt this February at IVF, we were sad to hear the results were negative this time around.
Because our success percentage increases with subsequent IVF and our ages are factoring in, this would be the most opportune time to try again.  

So in hopes that the third time will be, "the charm," we invite you to join us in saving the date, Saturday, June 8 for a fun-filled, fundraising evening:

WHAT:  Delicious barbecue dinner, Age 12+ $15; age 4-11 $10, age 3 and under free.  
   Live country music
             Games for the kids

WHERE:  Orem, UT (address will be on ticket)

WHEN:  Saturday, June 8th, 5:00-7:00 pm.  Auction will begin at 6 pm.

For ticket reservations and/or if you have items for the auction, or if you're not available on the 8th, but would like to contribute, contact Katie Merritt, or 801.870.7989 
Tickets for the dinner and auction items deadline will be June 1st.
Your love, friendship and prayers are the greatest contribution.  
Thank you so much~

Katie and Brandon oh...and of course Annabelle :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

We're back!

Nine Months

So I have had every intention to blog since Annabelle was born but from intention to action, it never happened. In fact, I feel completely behind in it all that I plan to just blog from this point forward (she's 9 months now!) and I will catch up and do a review of the year when she turns 1 in July.
This winter was so weird, not the normal snow packed winter that we are used to. We got a really nice storm and I had to get Annabelle out in her lil snow suit to catch a couple pics of her in it since she's only worn it 2x's this winter! So here's a few shots. She had fun playing in it, but more fun yelling back at Bubba, our renters' dog who was barking at us while we played.
Annabelle is now past the stay clean phase of eating solids. I finally let her let loose with the bowl on this feeding since I was planning to bathe her anyways.

I had to take a couple of pics with her bunny ears. She couldn't stop eating the blocks.
My friends wanted to do a play date at the zoo, so we went for Annabelle's first experience. She liked the birds that were colorful and noisy, other than that, she couldn't see anything past the glass or fences. But she enjoyed being with my friend's little kids. And Mommy enjoyed being with her friends!

She really enjoyed riding the train with the wind blowing in her hair :)

Her first carousel ride. She wasn't quite sure what was happening when it began to move but she had fun.
I had given Annabelle these puff grains in the bottle for her to hold while we were driving home. I didn't think she would be able to get into the bottle but she proved me wrong. I thought it was strange how quiet it had gotten. That little stinker was chowing down on her snack

We went to Chilis' for lunch with Brandon the other day and Annabelle thought she was just the biggest girl hangin out with dad on the booth seat and reading the menu. She is growing up way too fast! :(

So someone is spoiled...2nd Zoo trip in less than a month. Tyson and Hayley and the kids came down for spring break so we met them at the zoo. Parker and Phoenix held Annabelle the whole time. I don't know that I needed the stroller. It was so nice of them and way cute!

I have a picture of me with this same lion ages ago when I was close to Annabelle's age. I love these kids!
This was the whole day- Annabelle would just wrap herself around them like a little koala bear.
Playing piano with Gma Shaw...getting lesson's early.

Annabelle is now past the stay clean phase of eating solids. I finally let her let loose with the bowl on this feeding since I was planning to bathe her anyways.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

May... come and gone

So May has just flown by like all the other months...I feel like our baby girl will be here before we know it but there are days where it feels like it's dragging. The uncomfortable stage is setting in more and more each day and I realize I'm more tired and sore than ever before. The joys of pregnancy! But I am going to miss the kicking and movement down there, even if some of the movement or poking is uncomfortable, I love the feeling of her moving down there letting me know she's still alive and that she's uncomfortable too. :)
Here's a couple highlights from May:

Memorial Day 2011

We had Shannon, Toran and Tygun come down and stay with us for Memorial Day weekend since there was still ice on the lake up at Jackson Lake (our traditional Memorial Day weekend trip). They got in late Friday night, the boys went fishing the next morning up at Strawberry and didn't have much luck with fishing not to mention it was freezing cold. Glad the girls opted to sleep in and stay out of that trip. So we went to the Nelson's Grove park and then went shopping and to Zuppa's for lunch. We totally relaxed that afternoon and then BBQ'd that evening. SOOOO much food!
We made french toast the next morning and then we went to the Living Aquarium which was fun to see Tygun get pumped about the fishies...hit Olive Garden for lunch and then came home and played Poker where Shannon once again kicked everyone's trash. The next morning we did omlets and biscuts and much food once again (this is more food intake than at Thanksgiving!) Thanks for coming down to hang with us guys! It was a blast!!!

Feeding the ducks and playing on the slides

Jelly fish and sea horses

Petting the sting rays
Toran, Shannon and Tygun- Family Pic

PHOENIX'S BAPTISM May 21st 2011 Thayne WY
Phoenix and pals
Phoenix's Baptism
This is why our lil girl has no hope...After what Brandon has done with his nephews/nieces...our kids haven't got a prayer! Brandon letting Trapper go to town on Costco's 7 lb chocolate cake.

The SHAW/LOVELL FAMILY baby shower...May 14th 2011

Playdough baby sculpting...I had to choose the one that I thought would look most like my baby.
Baby belly posts- 32 weeks above (day of shower)
33 weeks below

The party!!! Great support from family and good help from Eva and Sophie who were so excited to be apart of the big girls party :)

Joy and my mom totally out did themselves on this shower. Fun games, great food and great company! Thank you both so much!

My cousin Becca's mother in law is amazing and super crafty- she made the cutest hats for our lil girl, bath mittens and a super soft blanket. Our girl is already SPOILED!

Brandon's Annual BBQ
Dutch oven ribs and potatoes
Brandon with Doug and Lisa and their lil boy Jake. Good friends from Maui
Kirk and Serena, Eric with Molly and Dad
Gpa and Gma with the granddaughters- Eva, Serena and Sophie
Serena with Gpa